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Makeup Tutorial video:

We’re back with yet another makeup tricks video and today we’ll show you have to use a face illuminator! What does a face illuminator do? It is a kind of makeup that is used to make your skin glow.
We all like to have glowing skin all the time and look as young as possible. The joy of having luminescent skin and a nourishing glow is unspeakable as you’ve all experienced.
So how to make your skin glow and be the star of the party? This makeup tutorial is all about giving you makeup tips and tricks. How to apply illuminator or how to use illuminator might be your next question and we have the answer ready!
You begin from the centre of your eyebrow and go down towards your cheekbone, a tiny bit of illuminator on your cupid’s bow, the tips of your nose and your forehead. The result of applying the skin illuminator on your face is amazing as it naturally brightens up your face giving it a pleasantly shiny, but not the oily look!
Though illuminators work on all skin tones, make sure you don’t use an overtly pink shade if you on the duskier side. If fact a golden shade would suit you better. If you on the lighter side, try and pick oyster or pearly shades as these will go well with your skin tone.
Though the skin illuminator gives you the glow that your skin needs, make sure you to take off your makeup before going to bed every night and stick to the cleansing, toning, moisturizing routine. This will keep your skin looking young and give it a natural glow from within. Also, don’t forget to eat healthy!!

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