How to: Become A Freelance Makeup Artist Beginner Friendly

Makeup artist:

In this video, I share my personal journey as a freelance makeup artist and tips and tricks to get your name out there and your business growing!

I also forgot to mention that you CAN get PRO discounts without a makeup certification!!!
Hygiene is very important – your body, breath, and clothes should all be FRESH and on point!!!

If I am traveling to my client I usually bring either of the following:
1. Glamcor Light (It folds up into a small convenient bag)
2. My High Chair – I got mine on Amazon and it is actually a “camping” “directors” Chair
3. Wipes
4. A Speaker and a good music playlist
5. My Sony a5100 Camera
6. A Small Towel
7. Plastic bag for garbage
8. Ziplock or mesh bag for really dirty brushes and beauty blenders

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