Do’s and Don’ts: Mature Hooded Eye Makeup 2019

Do’s and Don’ts: Mature Hooded Eye Makeup 2019 :
How to makeup video showing the do’s and don’ts for hooded, downturn, droopy or mature eyes with a daytime makeup look from Heather, a former top 1980s model who’s now over 60 but many say looks at least 10 years younger. Heather shares beauty routines, age-defying skincare, makeup and other videos to help you keep a youthful appearance whether you’re in your 20,s, 30’s, 40’s or older. Based on years of watching makeup artists and learning from her own experience Heather will share some trade secrets. In this video Heather will show you an amazing before and after transformation in daytime eye makeup using shadow, liner, mascara, highlighters on the “do” eye to try to match one of her modelling photos from 40 years ago and a “don’t ” eye that mimics a cat eye application that she received from a drugstore make-over that actually made her eye look older. You can also browse other awesome over 50 inspirational, health.
Stay tuned and Heather will add more beauty videos almost weekly on brows, lips, foundation, nightly skin care routines, hair care, contouring and so much more… and remember the best thing you can wear is your beautiful smile, keep on keeping it awesome everyone, Heather

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